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Every recruitment is an important investment in the future of your organisation. TE live offers visibility for your recruitment process, saves you time and gives you the opportunity to enhance your employer image. In a recruiting broadcast you can present the values and work culture of your organisation more thoroughly and answer the jobseekers’ questions all at once, giving potential applicants a better view of what you are really looking for. Contact us – together we can lay the groundwork for a successful recruitment!

Service provided by TE Services

TE-live is an activity carried out by an authority, which makes it free of charge for the employer.

Our service is nationwide and allows you to automatically gain more visibility through our website.


In the Live broadcast, you can explain more about what your organisation offers as a workplace.

You will also be able to answer applicants’ questions, which will give them a better understanding of what you really need. You will also receive better applications from suitable applicants.


Thanks to a discussion led by a professional presenter, the guests will not have to prepare presentation materials in advance. You will only need a few hours to prepare for the broadcast.

The remote interview option allows you to join the live broadcast from your workplace or home office.

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International experts from Finland or abroad

Tips for recruiting international experts

  1. Identify your needs for experts well in advance
  2. Chart the national and international availability of experts with an EURES expert at the TE Office
  3. Make sure that the entire company, from the management to employees, is committed and willing to hold on to the experts
  4. Familiarise the target group with the company and its tasks through targeted communication and provide an open opportunity for asking a question in a TE-live broadcast

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