Welcome, this is the accessibility statement of the TE Services organisation

This accessibility statement concerns the service at https://te-live.fi/ and it has been prepared/updated on 23 September 2022. The service is governed by the Act on the Provision of Digital Services, which requires public online services to be accessible.

We have assessed the accessibility of the service ourselves

Accessibility status of the digital service

Partially meets the accessibility requirements.

Non-accessible content

2. Excessive burden

Our broadcast library contains hundreds of live recordings since 2016. Most of the videos are live broadcasts related to vacancies that have already been filled. The videos are in the library because it is possible that jobseekers may benefit from even the older recruitment videos and storing a video that has already been produced does not cost much compared to the benefits. However, subtitling these videos afterwards would be an excessive burden compared to the benefits. All new live broadcasts will be subtitled.

Did you notice an accessibility issue in our digital service? Tell us and we will do our best to remedy the problem.

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Supervisory authority

If you notice any accessibility issues on the site, please provide feedback to us first, that is, to the site administrator. We will reply within 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive or you do not receive an answer within two weeks, you can submit a notification to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland Opens in a new window. The page of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland contains a detailed description of how the notification can be filed and how the matter will be processed.

Contact details of the supervisory authority

Regionförvaltningsverket i Södra Finland
Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland
Etelä-Suomen aluehallintovirasto
Saavutettavuuden valvonnan yksikkö
telephone (switchboard): +358 295 016 000