For jobseekers

When a jobseeker must proceed on the basis of a traditional job advertisement, many questions may be left unanswered. Although it is often possible to request information about the position from the employer's representatives, it is not always easy to bring up all your questions on the phone – not to mention getting satisfactory answers. In addition, it is difficult to get a realistic picture in advance of the culture of the workplace, the values of the company, or what your future colleagues are like.

TE-live solves these problems.

Experience your future job

Although jobseekers can usually inquire employers about vacancies in advance, it is difficult to find information about the culture prevailing at a workplace or future co-workers. TE-live gives you a realistic idea of the work community, pay and workplace benefits.

Ask questions directly

Ask your question straight from your future co-worker or employer in advance or in the live chat.

You’ll get the answers live during the broadcast or by watching the recording later.

Watch the recorded broadcast

If you were unable to participate in the live broadcast, you can watch the recording afterwards.

Even if the actual recruitment process has already ended, you can use the recording when you draw up an open application. No employer will take offence when you contact them.

Interactive recruitment

When you watch a broadcast on our website, you can ask all your questions about the job and the application process anonymously. Our host takes your question from the chat and opens it to discussion, and if the answer does not clarify the matter, you can ask for more specifications. You will also hear the answers to all the questions asked by other jobseekers – which you might not necessarily even think to ask.

Based on the discussion, you will get an adequate view of both the employer and the open position, and you will know if the position suits your wishes and strengths. This will help you prepare your application and prepare for a possible interview, as you do not need to guess what experience and qualities the employer values.

If you were unable to attend the live broadcast, you can always view the recording afterwards at your convenience.

Good luck with your job hunt!


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