TE-live - We ask you what you want to know

We believe that the best outcome is achieved through dialogue between employers and jobseekers.

More information about vacancies, employers and training on TE-Live! You will receive more information to support your decision compared to just reading the vacancy announcement. Ask about things that interest you either in advance or in the chat during the live broadcast. TE-live lets you peek behind the call for applications.

Live broadcast

TE-live is a TE Office service that produces live broadcasts online.

The broadcasts are very similar to a TV show and their purpose is to provide as versatile and interesting information about jobs as possible.

Better jobseeking

Job broadcasts lie at the core of our service, enabling jobseekers to see and hear more about vacancies than regular job advertisements.

As an employer, you’ll get closer to interested jobseekers and get to present your company in a completely new way.

Role reversal

Applying for work has always involved a dialogue; however, the employer has traditionally been the party asking the questions, while the jobseeker's role has been to answer them

TE-live has turned this setting on its head.


During the live broadcasts, you can use to chat feature to ask anonymous questions about jobs and the application process.

You can also use the preliminary questions feature to submit questions about the broadcast even if you won’t be able to watch the broadcast live.

You’ll hear the answers live during the broadcast or by watching the recording later.


Since the very beginning, TE Services have been developing its service in collaboration with jobseekers and employers, and received excellent feedback. Nearly 90% of jobseekers would recommend TE live recruiting broadcasts to friends in a similar situation. Employers praise the service for its results and ease of use. Interested?

"Lots of visibility in a short time"

I strongly recommend TE Live to other employers because it gives you a lot of visibility in a short time. It was really easy to try it for the first time. It took very little investment (from Ikea) to achieve great results.

Anna-Maija Korko

Recruitment Delivery Manager, IKEA Oy, Service Office

"The TE-live broadcast sounded so great that we got excited about it right away!"

The arrangements have worked really well. I've been really satisfied with it. All communication [between TE-live and the company] has been very good. TE-live has proved to be a very significant channel in our recruitment.

The TE-live broadcast offers us a much better chance to provide information about the available jobs and explain what kind of company we are. This is a modern, efficient and good way [to recruit] and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Sami Simonen

Rauhalahti Holiday Centre

"A spirit of collaboration"

There was this spirit of collaboration in it (the video) - Hey, we're all recruiting, so it wasn't just that the manager is the only one involved in the recruitment.

Maaret Latvasalo

Charge Nurse, Lomakotiyhdistys Ilonpisara ry

"They watched the TE-live broadcast and called because of that"

After the TE-live broadcast, we have received 15 applications more and some contacts related to this OnniBus recruitment for example.

Upon contacting they were asked where they got the information and the applicants directly answered that they watched the TE-live broadcast and called because of that.

Petri Oikarinen

Head of Training, TTS

"This was also a lot of fun!"

This didn't require much effort. There was a clear frame which was easy stepping into.

I have to admit this was also a lot of fun!

Patrick Tiainen

Communications expert, Emergency Response Centre Agency

Companies that used TE-live in their recruitment